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The Expanding Area of New Westminster. The historical significance of New Westminster is one of many places in Canada that continues to stand out from it's foundation to contemporary growth. This location was recognized by Europe as a space in which the First Nations had the right to, offering it as a space for their land and cities. However, this changed with the Gold Rush through Canada, leading to an area for trade and development, as well as outposts for those searching for gold in the region. The establishment of New Westminster then took an override into the region, developing it into a historical city.

The origins of New Westminster developed the city into one of diversity. Each section has been created with alternative intentions and lifestyles, ranging from Queensborough to China Town. This diversity shows the royal movement into the region as well as the diversity that moved into the space for commerce and an alternative lifestyle. One can move into the twelve neighborhoods, all which show a different time and space in history as well as cultural affiliations that are developed through the older architectural structures of the regions.

Today, New Westminster has taken the approach with many other Canadian cities, known for the diversity in commerce and the arts. The commercial sectors are inclusive of trade, technology and governmental sectors that allow the community to thrive. There are a variety of festivals and performing arts venues as well, all which create a stronger connection to the community. Sports are a central focus of the community, specifically because of the professional teams that continue to compete throughout the region.

The historical significance to the establishment of New Westminster shows layers of history in the community. When moving through each neighborhood of this region, one is able to understand a deeper component to the European and Canadian establishments. Today, the residential options have allowed the city to grow into a thriving area.
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