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Expanding Into the Nature and Greenery of Burnaby. Burnaby, British Columbia, while being in close proximity to Vancouver, has established a reputation that balances nature and commerce. The area holds the natural settings of Burnaby River, Port Moody, Fraser River and Burnaby Mountain. The variety of natural phenomena in the area have developed a cradle for the town, offering unique activities and commercial expansion to the region.

Burnaby was considered an eastern vicinity of Vancouver until 1992, when it was established as it's own town. The growth that took place from 1892 to 1992 relied specifically on trade and commerce to Vancouver, most which was based on the natural resources in the area. The initiative taken after becoming it's own city was to further establish a variety of public spaces and natural parks filled with greenery, the beauty of the rivers and lakes and the setting of the mountains for activities and enjoyment.

While the central focus of Burnaby is the lakes, rivers and setting of the mountain, it also has established strong commercial and entertainment settings. Commercial malls to industrial businesses are located throughout the town. There are also many hockey players, skaters and entertainers that have gained world - prestige with the foundation in Burnaby.

If you want to embrace the natural settings of Canada, then you can find it all in Burnaby. The variety of lakes, rivers and the mountain has created the foundation of this town for growth. This is combined with the direct link to Vancouver and the growth that has established from the commerce created in this area as a result.
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