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The Branching Opportunities of Port Moody. In the 1800s, establishments of different cities began to take place through Vancouver. Port Moody was created as a part of a tri - city, inclusive of Coquitlam and Burnaby. The distinction of the area; however, is a combination of the outlook of nature and the distinctive establishments that have branched into new opportunities in the area.

Port Moody was originally established as a connection to the transcontinental railroad that was being developed and was named after a chief engineer. The development of the railroad, most which lasted through the 1800s, created different opportunities and diversity in the area. It has the largest population of Koreans and South Asians in the area from this work and has created connections in newer developments of trade today.

While Port Moody is smaller in demographic size from the neighbouring cities, it continues to establish it's reputation in different innovations. It is currently named as the city of arts because of the support it offers to various venues, festivals and opportunities for artists throughout the city with over 6percent of residents carrying full time employment from artistic ventures. The artistic venues are only one of the renowned aspects of the city, with the 41 rivers running through the area and connections to nature creating distinct characteristics in the area.

Port Moody is a part of a tri - city that creates unique characteristics throughout British Columbia. The artistic and natural setting as well as the unique diversity continue to create a strong outlook with the community while allowing growth in the area.
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