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Working Towards the Future of Port Coquitlam. Next to both Fraser and Pitt River and by the port in British Columbia is Port Coquitlam. The motto of this area is "working towards the future," held in the unique community approaches that are used through the town. The area was first incorporated in 1913; however, it has a rich, natural history that has developed into the space over a given period of time.

Port Coquitlam belonged to the First Nations tribes for centuries, specifically used as a main settlement area. It developed into rich farm space for agricultural purposes while offering smaller homes as the space. The richness of the land and area became popular with estates and homes being built through the region, connecting Vancouver to the area. Today, it offers urban living that combines both larger estates and those interested in the agricultural aspects of the space.

The activity of the community has also developed into opportunities for families, specifically because of the interest in the area. Vancouver offers more activities for commuting in terms of business as well as entertainment. However, the area is known for holding several public and private schools while offering different districts that are continuing to grow in the region.

If you are interested in the river banks and port area of Canada with a sense of nature and peace that surrounds, then Port Coquitlam is an area to consider. This space has grown with private estates and education while offering a natural setting to those in the area. With the growth towards the future, it continues to offer opportunity to those living in the region.
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