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The Heart of Vancouver in Coquitlam. Located in Metro Vancouver is a neighbouring city, Coquitlam. It is a place not only known because of it's connection to Vancouver. The water connections, including Coquitlam River, connects to other rivers and lakes at this point. The name, meaning place of the red fish was first founded over 9,000 years ago by Native Americans. The establishment today has grown from the richness of the rivers and into a diverse setting.

The character of Coquitlam is created with the format and structure of the town. The southern region comprises of a neighborhood originally established in the late 1700s. This area of trade and commerce also carries many of the older buildings and establishments that developed historical landmarks. The southern area moves into a central space that holds the government and institutional establishments. It carries it's landmark from the central lake that weaves around the city. The newer, northern section branches into Eagle Mountain and forestry that remains protected by the city.

The area, with it's natural establishment and preservation, holds a smaller economy with government and artistic jobs as well as opportunities for forest preservation and care. Most residents in the area use the space as a getaway lifestyle while commuting to work in Vancouver and other surrounding cities. While the city has established hospitals, education, art centers and sports teams, the commerce comes in from the city life.

If you are interested in working in the city but enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of nature, surrounded by lakes, rivers and mountains, then Coquitlam offers the best of both worlds. The early establishment of this area and the growth into the space provides a strong residential lifestyle, combined with both city and smaller town options for living.
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