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Making Connections In Peterborough. Peterborough, Ontario is nicknamed the electric city because of the innovative developments in technology. This formatted from the early developments of the city, beginning in the 1700s, when the First Nations were found habituating the area from the Otanabee River. The earlier developments led into continuous growth, including immigrants from Ireland and England to other areas of Europe, all specifically because of the fast trade and development for commerce and work.

Peterborough gained it's popularity in the late 19th century because of industrial growth, specifically in the area of electronics. It began to work with the water surrounding the area for hydro electrical power. The several lakes and rivers surrounding the area set the stage for the electricity to flourish with this innovation. It created a horseshoe, which the area is often still called, specifically because of the shape around the water fronts in the area.

Today, the electricity and manufacturing that comes from this drives the economy. However, Peterborough has expanded possibilities with growth into larger corporations. It has also focused on significant growth with larger educational programs and arts and cultural centers that has led to a variety of entertainment sectors in the area. An orchestra, choirs, contemporary arts and galleries flourish through the region with possibilities. The contemporary and historical buildings combine together to offer expansion with entertainment and the electrical connections in the area.

Known for the innovative measures in industrial and electrical growth, Peterborough has placed itself on the map for new possibilities. The area is renowned for the developments as well as the potential in growth, specifically while using the natural spaces of Canada for opportunity. The horseshoe of electrical possibility continues to expand it's options today.
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