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Life At the Bay in Belleville. Ontario, Canada has a variety of cities and areas that are known to invite natural living. A space known for opportunity is Belleville. This area is known because of the surrounding waters, including the Bay of Quinte and Moira River. The area is followed with the beginning of Saint Lawrence River, allowing an opening of the waters into Ontario. The beauty of Belleville continues to offer a thriving community, filled with nature and commerce.

The combining waters of Belleville set the environment for commerce and trade. There are a variety of railways and established roads to and from the area, all which section different neighborhoods that create the navigation of the city. This is followed with the growing opportunities in commerce to the cities that surround the area, specifically which were set by the trade and development of the area. This establishment has led into an economic division to continue to expand the opportunities of commerce for the city and surrounding areas.

The balance of nature and commerce in the area also expand into the interests of the community. There are diverse educational settings in the area, including colleges, universities, private schools and several elementary schools. The area also prides itself on several annual events and festivals to tie the communities together. Exhibitions to fairs continue to move the town, creating a combined effort for entertainment in the region.

The area of Belleville, which thrives on the surrounding waters and economic growth, has developed a strong community that many can enjoy. The combined natural reserves with the development of contemporary activities have allowed the community to continue to develop.
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