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The Growing City of Markham. Located in the state of Ontario and now recognized as a suburb of Toronto, is Markham, a city that has developed into thriving possibility. The area was originally founded in the 1600s, moving through many fluctuations of growth and development as well as downturns that caused the town to completely disappear. Today, the city is building and expanding exponentially, offering a variety of opportunities that are placing the city on an international map.

Markham was originally established as a German city; however, those on the land abandoned the area after the farming didn't prove to be effective. It was then re-established by England, creating a new frontier to the city. It quickly became known as an area of industrial trade and commerce, specializing in mills and exported products that formatted the town. It developed into five major neighborhoods from the trade created. Today, the commerce includes over 900 service based and international companies, ranging from the IT sector to trade.

The original foundation of Markham created farms and marsh that surrounded and integrated into the city. However, this is quickly transforming with the establishment of newer businesses that have modernized the area. Innovative opportunities in arts, festivals, sports and business are continuing to grow in the region, specifically based on the desire for growth of the city.

The development of many cities and regions is incorporated into the vision established in Markham. A home for those interested in enterprises and modern approaches to commerce, the area has gained a reputation of success and expansion.
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