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The Anchor and Crossing of Oshawa. Oshawa, located in the greater Ontario Area has gained a wide reputation for both a crossing point and as the anchor of Oshawa. The name stands for a point where one crosses, holding to the diverse economy and activities that flow through the area. The opportunities that have grown since the founding in the 1700s have continued to expand, developing from the fur trade and into contemporary opportunities for commerce.

The founding of Oshawa was noted for the trading opportunities between cities, becoming a staple to those moving throughout the region. By the 1900s, it grew into a manufacturing capital, specifically with a focus on automobiles that moved into the region. The industry became home to General Motors to Chrysler Canada. The development led to a diverse setting of workers coming to Canada, ranging from European to Russian workers that came to the area for opportunity. This led to rapid growth that has set the stage of the city for today.

From the commerce opportunities, many have helped to develop a strong crossing point in Oshawa to the rest of Canada. Many health care institutions as well as educational buildings have been developed in the area. This has combined with hockey to lacrosse teams that move to the area for development into the national and international arena. The area continues to develop with the entertainment and leisurely activities, including many park and recreational areas as well as artistic venues for those visiting the area

The city of Oshawa is known as a crossing point for diversity and commerce. It has developed into a strong industrial sector of Canada while crating opportunity for residents and for those who are interested in an international base. The concept of the city is one that continues to invite new ventures for those interested in the anchor of Ontario.
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