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The Heart of Preserve in Milton. In the early 1800s, Milton was created as a town to connect the horseshoe section of Ontario, Canada. Today, it has grown to connect to the greater Toronto area, offering a diverse number of opportunities for those interested in the region. The historical significance of the settlement has led the area into one that combines the importance of preservation of nature with the opportunities for growth that are currently throughout Canada.

Milton is formed around a combination of dwellings and natural preserves. It is by UNESCO's natural biosphere reserve, the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail. The settings of nature that create the majority of the area have led into large parks as well as the renowned Heritage Park, which highlights both nature and the setting of history in one location. The interest to the area because of the historical and natural settings then provide even more options for those that are interested in the leisurely activities and settings of the area.

The pride of Milton is not only on the preservation of history and nature. It also offers preservation through education and community activities. It is known for the large number of educational institutions in the area, specifically with a focus on children and youth. It is active in community activities that assist with those in need from the government while continuously giving back to those in the region. The governing bodies and the connection to a better way of living make this community one that many flock to.

The preservation of Canada can be seen in the heart of Milton. The growth of this particular area has allowed many to move into the natural setting and historical preserves that highlight the growth of Canada. While the historical components and natural associations are the center of attention in the area, many in the community also continue to work together for a stronger lifestyle while becoming a support for those in the region.
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