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Guelph-Ontario has an interesting name that most Canadians might think is simply like the English word, "gulf." But Guelph actually has an Italian origin from the 12th and 13th century struggles between the Guelphs and Ghibellines. Think "Romeo and Juliet" and Dante's "Inferno." The city in Ontario was named after the British Monarch King George IV's Guelph (Guelfo or Welf) family.

This "Royal City" of more than 120,000 (2011 Census) has relatively low unemployment, a high standard of living and consistently ranks high on lifestyle lists. Guelph-Ontario is located 100 kilometres (62 miles) west of Toronto. The metro area is 378.45 square kilometres (146.12 square miles).

Under the First Nation indigenous peoples, the original land of Guelph was a "no-mans land." Developed by the Canadian Company, the European town folks officially founded the town by chopping down a tree on April 23, 1827. Guelph was fully incorporated in 1879.

Many waterways run under the city of Guelph, including the Speed River and Eramosa River. There was a famous underground creek flowing under the Albion Hotel - the water was used to brew beer. Highways 6, 7 and 401 provide access to the town. Guelph Transit provides public transport. Guelph-Ontario is served by the Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway.

The Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Hillside Festival, Festival of Moving Media and John Galt Day are popular events. Art facilities include the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre and Ed Video Media Arts Centre. The Sleeman Centre is the largest sports area sponsoring the local hockey Guelph Storm. There are three national historic sites in Guelph, Canada: Church of Our Lady Immaculate, McCrae House and Old City Hall.

The first cable television system was started in Guelph. The police force used the first municipal motorcycle in Canada.
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