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The Flower Town of Brampton. The fragrance of flowers is a well - known reputation of Brampton. The name Flower Town was given to the region because of greenhouse development that took place over an extended period of time. While the city still holds it's sweet reputation, it has also expanded into a variety of opportunities that have allowed the area to thrive in areas of commerce and culture.

The characteristics of Brampton begin with the diverse commerce developed in the region. Large businesses and institutions have continued to grow and thrive in the area, specifically in areas such as technology, business services and retail. The city, located 40 kilometers from Toronto, was developed specifically to create a new feel and outlet from the main city. The structure of the town was created with this intention in mind, leading to the strong development in commerce and institutional buildings.

The approach used with the development of the new town has created a variety of attractions and commerce institutions in the area. The attractions range from public spaces and parks to artistic venues that hold larger performing arts concerts. The area also offers a wide - range of sports events, ranging from hockey to skating. The combination of artistic and sports events combine with the acceptance of larger corporations into the area to assist with the development of the city.

A new, fresh approach to living can be found in the Flower Town of Brampton. The building of the town, ranging from structuring the center to building this area has created a space of enjoyment and prosperity. The many activities and alternatives for commerce available in the area have assisted with the growing reputation of the flowering area.
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