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Situated in Southern Ontario, Mississauga is home to a beautiful mix of bustling metropolitan life and distinct culture. Home to over 700,000 residents, according to the 2011 Canadian Census, Mississauga was originally designed as a simple suburb of Toronto, but has recently shifted gears to create a unique city experience that differs from Toronto. Whether you're looking to relocate, or simply visit, Mississauga offers intriguing adventures for all types.

Local Culture. Residents describe their local arts and culture scene as diverse, eclectic and continually evolving. By embracing traditional culture and new waves of art, Mississauga offers a cultural scene for all its residents and tourists. Some of the most popular attractions include: a)Gallery for Emerging Young Artists. b)Living Arts Centre c)Meadowvale Theatre

Of course, this is only a sampling of the local arts scene. With a dedication to providing streamlined access to all cultural events and opportunities, Mississauga is ideal for those wishing to expand their artistic knowledge and experiences.

Outdoor Attractions. Exploring the great outdoors shouldn't stop simply because you're in a large city. Mississauga offers a variety of outdoor adventures ranging from exploring boardwalks along Lake Ontario or delving into the possibilities for fun and relaxation at one of the 522 parks found in Mississauga. Want to explore local nature preserves on foot? If so, then you'll enjoy the variety offered by one of the 225km of trails that weave their way throughout Mississauga.

Real Estate Market in Mississauga. According to residential and commercial real estate agents, Mississauga is expected to maintain an exceptionally healthy market throughout 2014 and beyond. With home value's expected to increase by 3-percent in 2014, Mississauga offers a stable market for those seeking relocation.
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