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Embracing the Quaint Town of Oakville. If you follow the road outside of Toronto, Canada, you will come into a growing town, Oakville. This area, with a population of over 180,000, offers a relaxed and charming atmosphere filled with nature and activities. From the founding in 1793, it has developed into sections of communities, all which offer specific settings for those interested in various activities in the community.

Oakville was first founded because of the many waterways that move through the area, including the Bronte Creek, Sixteen Mile Creek and Credit River. It is also next to the shores of Lake Ontario. The many water areas running through the city allowed easier trade and transportation through Canada and into the hub of Toronto. From this establishment, neighborhoods began to grow in the area, all established based on the commerce and activities of the area. Today, there are over 10 regions in the city.

The branch from Toronto and the beginning establishments of trade have also created a specialization in arts and sports. The area is known for carrying a professional soccer, ice skating and lacrose team. These are only a few of the supporting elements of the area. The arts are followed with performance arts centers and establishments that introduce both professional and amateur artists to the region.

The area of Oakville is embraced with the waterways that intertwine the town. While neighborhoods are sectioned from the activities, the water continues to submerge the residents into the city of Oakville. The trade, nature and the introduction to many of the sports and artistic teams offer a well - rounded lifestyle to residents.
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