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The Growth of Stoney Creek. Stoney Creek, Ontario, is closest to Hamilton and located in the outskirts of Lake Ontario. The development of the area was recognized as a city in 1984, leading to growth of the town. Before this time, the area was used for a variety of reasons, creating historical resonance that remains in the area as well as agricultural plots that are still used as the main focus of the town.

Stoney Creek was first used as a battle outlet during the American Revolution. This set the foundation of the town, specifically because of structures and outposts that were in the area to protect soldiers during battle. While some areas were abandoned, others began to grow with historical preservation and trade. Larger developments of agriculture began to immerse from the main battlefield, allowing for new growth of the region into several sections of greenery.

The Old Town of Stoney Creek is the center of attention, including the historical battlefield areas and structures. There are also newer developments that have allowed it to become a separate city. Nature lovers are surrounded by several smaller streams and rivers through the town. The Niagara Encampment is close by, recognized as an UNESCO site. The attractions of nature and of the historical district combine together for the activities and festivities that the community holds throughout the year.

An area of Canada now recognized for history, nature and community is Stoney Creek. The development of the area, while offering strong numbers of agriculture, also provides a rich history and sense of diversity for a smaller community.
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