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The "Old" and "Young" Maple, Ontario . Maple, Ontario is, at once, old and young. Maple is representative of the older Canadian village culture. It's also representative of a relatively young founding in the 1850s. Maple began its history as a small village and later was founded by two families, the Nobles and Ruperts. Although, Maple isn't a clearly designed area on a map, residents here enjoy this unique status. Another feature of Maple is an abundance of maple trees that emblazon the Canadian National flag, the Maple Leaf. Today, the Maple Leaf flag is synonymous with all things Canadian. It's impossible to see a maple leaf and not immediately be reminded of Canada's flag. In Maple, however, it's Wonder Mountain, a tall, natural landmark that captures the true essence of the tiny town of Maple, Ontario.

Maple's Development and Housing. Given Maple's proximity to its upscale, urban neighboring city of Toronto, Maple enjoys the overlap of business and residential development that includes an increase in new housing. Geographically, a map of Maple shows a relatively small area that grows in proportion to Toronto and the city of Vaughn, nearby. As part of provincial Ontario, Maple takes part in many festivals related to the production of maple syrup, an industry that has a long history in this part of Canada. There are quite a few single family homes, cabins and large properties available for sale in Maple, Ontario. These include newly built and existing homes.

Maple - A Desirable Place to Relocate. This is one of the most desirable areas in the Toronto region for its lush beauty and picturesque scenery. It's less hectic than the city and provides a quiet respite from noise and traffic. Consult with a real estate agent for homes and properties listed for sale in Maple, Ontario.
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