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The Affluent Developments of Cambridge. When one is moving through the city of Cambridge, Ontario, footprints of history follow. The richness of the buildings from the 1700s and through each century remain intact with different styles that showcase past lifestyles. The buildings and municipalities of the area highlight the interests of the community over time. The modern influences of artistic centers and cultural affiliations bring in a sense of contemporary culture that continues to thrive in the creation of Cambridge.

While Cambridge traces through time and history with the architectural and cultural wonders around the city, it also is known for the deep conflict for the creation of the area. It was a space inhabited by First Nations Indians for several centuries. This was followed with settlements in the late 1700s for agricultural and industrial development. The area originally consisted of four different towns, including Galt, Preston, Hespeler and Blair. Each continues to highlight unique historical tributes to the area and remains culturally different than Cambridge. However, government decisions to unite resources and to develop more led to the unification of the five cities in 1973.

While the conflict of uniting the cities originally caught citizens by surprise, the amount of development that has occurred in today's walk of Cambridge has provided more opportunities. The government has created a vast number of municipal services to stimulate the economy. There have also been opportunities to develop educational systems and economic growth, specifically with technology and industry at the heart of the business centers. Festivals, sports centers, artistic halls and larger parks are now expanding into all city centers for more affluence.

The area of Cambridge is one that offers opportunity and culture. The historical preservation that outlines the growth of the town is the beginning investigation that opens the doors to the city's regions. The resources and the creation of various options for a healthy lifestyle have furthered with current and modern developments focused on creating an affluent community.
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