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The Heart of Canada in Montreal. Cities known for prestige and comfort easily allow one to make themselves at home while connecting to both work and pleasure. Montreal, located in Quebec, is one of the Canadian cities that many enjoy. Montreal is also known as the City of Mary by the French, who first settled the territory. Since this time, it has gained a positive reputation for the city growth and cultural prosperity in the region.

Montreal was first settled 4,000 years ago by the First Nations and Iroquois. By the 1800s, the French began to explore the territory, creating a trading space between Europe and North America. The area was quickly developed because of the natural surroundings, including the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers as well as the link to a neighbouring island, filled with more natural diversity and resources. Montreal is also known for a large natural habitat and park, developed on Mount Royale, allowing nature lovers to expand their enjoyment through the area.

Today, Montreal has created a heart filled center for those interested in both city and natural dwellings. The architectural wonders in the area allow one to enjoy artistic and modern styles throughout the French terrain. The distinction of architecture has been recognized internationally because of the innovative structures that are spread through each neighborhood. The neighborhood prestige is balanced with a strong economic structure, making Montreal the second largest economy in Canada. It is home to one of the largest Canadian ports, international centers of commerce and international artistic and entertaining endeavors, ranging from the Olympics to jazz festivals.

You can embrace a Canadian lifestyle in the heart of Montreal. The natural wonders and the balance of culture and metropolitan entertainment offer a lifetime of enjoyment for residents. The opportunities that are available have allowed this city to become a natural wonder while expanding the horizons of a lifestyle, entertainment and enjoyment within the area.
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