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Terrebonne is a city in Quebec located North of Montreal and Laval. With a population of over 100,000 inhabitants, Terrebonne is one of the largest suburbs of Montreal. Terrebonne has a riche history that goes back a long time, as it was one of the first cities in the region to be settled back in 1673. The current city of Terrebonne is the result of a municipal merger that took place in 2001. Residents of Lachenaie, La Plaine and Terrebonne have voted in favor of merging into one large city, which would get the name Terrebonne. Following the municipal merger, the city of Terrebonne grew from an area of 72 square kilometers and 43,149 inhabitants, to over 154 square kilometers in area and having close to 100,000 people.

The city of Terrebonne is often chosen by individuals as well as families who need to be close to the larger metropolitan areas of Montreal and Laval for work, but who prefer to live in a smaller, more quiet city. In fact, Terrebonne is just a couple of minutes of driving distance from both Montreal and Laval, making it easy to get to and from work. For families with children, the city does provide various recreational activities and facilities, like public parks, swimming pools, libraries, bike paths, a skating rink and more.

Terrebonne is a medium-income suburb of Montreal, with a median household income of just over $68,000. For those wishing to buy a home in Terrebonne, there are various options available to them. Many of the homes that you will find for sale in the city are detached single family homes, however you may also find some condos as well.
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