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Tapping Into the Expansion of Laval. The significance that Laval was founded on in the 1600s has allowed it to continue to expand through the centuries into a thriving community. The philosophy of Laval is based on the motto of a city in expansion as well as economic opportunity and high quality of life that the governing body and citizens on the island pride. The development of the area since it's first establishment continues to show the development of this community.

Laval was first established as an agricultural island in the 1600s by Jesoits. Soon after the establishment, a parish took over the area, forming it into an agricultural town, based on the concept of growth and expansion of economy. It is one of the only spaces where the city is inclusive of an entire island in Canada, becoming it's own municipality because of the binding influences that promoted the foundation of growth for the city.

In the past, Laval took pride in the industrial sectors of the island. Today, it has expanded it's reach in a diverse economy, including technological to retail sectors that are in the region. Centers for industry and technology have been established throughout the island for high - end productivity of the city and more opportunity for those interested in commerce. The city continues to focus on new businesses and options for diverse commerce, all designed to place Laval on the global map. To compliment this, a wide range of colleges and universities have been structured in the area for more innovative measures.

A place that holds a foundation of expansion is Laval. Taking a municipality of an island, the area has established a strong foothold in commerce, ranging from industry to technology. The thriving commerce in the area as well as the expectations for the future have allowed many residents to embrace the budding businesses that are allowing Laval to move to the next level of being in a city.
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