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The Newer Establishment of Brossard. Brossard, Quebec, was formerly known as a sub - section of Montreal and smaller stopping point for those going to the city. However, the development of the area has allowed the space to establish into a new frontier for economic and cultural growth. The area was formed in 1958 as an official town. Before this time, it was noted as the outskirts of Canada, specifically developed as a stopping point for the transcontinental railroad. While the beginnings are only starting to unravel, the opportunities for the area are growing at a significant pace.

The sections of Brossard have formed specifically because of the railroad and the agricultural regions. It is also known for the diverse nature that habitats the area. The Saint Lawrence River as well as Saint Jacques River pass through the town, combined with a wide variety of parks and natural hiking areas that encompass the area. The structuring of various neighborhoods and buildings accent this particular natural setting, allowing the town to carry a charm from it's inception.

Even though the area of Brossard is a newer region, the economy is quickly turning into a hub for those in Montreal. The tip of the area, being close to the rivers, makes it easier to open commerce, trade and newer technology developments to the region. The city has quickly opened this into other forms of trade, including sports and artistic ventures that are helping to establish the equation of the growing town.

A newer region that is budding into opportunity is Brossard. The original settlement of this area was known as a natural getaway because of the location by the rivers. However, the proximity to other cities have allowed the area to turn into a centralized location for trade and commerce, allowing the newer area to grow with opportunity.
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