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Region of Growing Commerce in Gatineau. Directly across Ottawa, Canada, is a mirror city that also thrives with growing commerce, Gatineau. The area is across the Ottawa River, separated only by the waters and the initiatives that have formed the city into one that continues to expand, becoming a part of the National Capital Region. The area was formed as a settlement in the 1800s by the English, specifically settling the space because of the river and the potential for trade with other regions.

The close proximity to Ottawa have formed many of the approaches used in Gatineau today. Originally, the river was used to haul logs and other trade to the larger cities, creating a flow of economic prosperity to the region. It has expanded into modern day trade and commerce, including a high - priority in government jobs, institutions and education. This has founded the modern day city from the trade center that was originally established.

While the establishment has continued to develop from the governmental and commercial expansion, other areas have also formatted the region. Neighborhoods around the area have created more diversity and opportunities for the area. There are some establishments that are landmarked by parks, open areas, forestry and waterfalls while the river mainstreams the natural settings, combined with the commercial trade that builds the area.

The foundation of trade in Gatineau continues to expand the area. The neighborhood establishments and the backdrop of natural settings offer continuous opportunities and residential living that balances the activities with opportunities of the area.
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