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The Passage of Campbell River. On the east coast of Vancouver Island and the south of Discovery Passage is British Columbia's Campbell River. This area has been known as a point of prosperity and commerce for hundreds of years by the First Nations and the European settlers. The passage of this area opens gateways for development and prosperity, while providing a natural setting to those interested in the area.

The development of Campbell River took place through several years of establishment and shifts. The First Nations were known to claim the territory of the area in battles and clashes. It was settled by Europeans in the late 1800s, shifting from the salmon capital of the world to a trading zone from Vancouver Island to British Columbia. The halfway point between the island and Canada has allowed the area to remain a strategic point in the development of the country.

The interest in Campbell River is followed by the modern day developments it has taken in every arena. From commerce and businesses to trade and the development of education, health care and the arts, it is thriving in offering a variety of opportunities to the community. The links to the area have allowed many to enjoy the natural setting and the strong economic pull in the area while developing and establishing more opportunities in the greater area of Canada as a passage point.

The mid - point between Vancouver Island and British Columbia remains a passageway for community and those interested in the diversity of Canada. Campbell River has created a strong tie to the prosperity of Canada, developing into flourising prosperity for those in the region.
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