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Life By the Waters of Nanoose Bay. A smaller town located in British Columbia, Nanoose Bay, is one that invites the charm of the smaller regions of Canada and the nature that accents the area. This town was created specifically because of the links to nature that are in the space. It is continuing to offer an invitation to settlement, specifically because of the intrigue with natural surroundings and the quaint nature of those that are in the smaller town.

The town of Nanoose Bay was derived from the First Nations that settled in the area, the Nanaimo Indians. The area was used as a abundant, natural reserve for combined resources for living. The area is located by the Straight of Georgia, offering water time activities to the area. It is also surrounded by the ocean and freshwater from the Bay that landmarks the town. Boaters and those interested in tapping into nature continue to enjoy the activities of the region.

Nanoose Bay remains a smaller area, specifically offering a getaway on the tip of Vancouver Island. It is also known for the maritime testing and military activities because of the remote location. This combination has led to traces of history around the town. There is also a close location of Red Gap, which includes housing, mills and industrial areas that have been abandoned but remain in tact for those interested in history.

The move into nature allows one to enjoy the serenity that is surrounding areas of Canada. Nanoose Bay is one of the smaller towns that invites the opportunities of natural living. The surrounding bay and the rivers moving through the area outline the enjoyment of the space while opening into the natural resources that highlight British Columbian living.
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