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The Natural Trade Ties of Port Alberni. Port Alberni, British Columbia, is well - recognized for the wealth and prosperity surrounding the region over many centuries. The First Nations were known for developing strong communities in the area because of the wealth of natural resources and ease of community living. From the settlements in the early 1700s, the area has continued to grow and thrive with developments of those in the community.

The first establishments of Port Alberni came from the strong natural resources. Logging from the surrounding forest and connections to the Hudson Bay as well as the outskirts of many rivers created opportunities for both trade and resources, ranging from logging to salmon. The area grew into gold mining in the 1800s, specifically because of China Creek, known for expending resources through the river. Many of the mining and overflow of gold lasted through the 1960s. The forest and natural resources are still the main opportunity for economic growth, allowing those in the community to take part in the natural reserves for a living.

While the area grew because of the expansion of sending out resources, many living in the area have also developed a variety of highlighted opportunities in the area. The forest has opened into many hiking trails and camping areas for nature lovers. The city is located below Mount Arrowsmith, which many travellers continue to explore because of the renowned beauty of the area. The National Historical Sites, located with lakes and rivers, also have developed into wonderment by visitors and residents.

The natural setting of Port Alberni have allowed it to remain prosperous for hundreds of years. The surrounding forest, lakes and mountains have created a landscape that many enjoy for both trade and for leisurely activities.
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