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Merging Into the Beaches of Parksville. Each city in British Columbia has developed a reputation and name because of the events and diversity of the area. Parksville is gained it's name specifically from the Parksville Beachfest because of the amount of activity in the location from their activities by the beach. The area is known best for the sandy beaches that the community continues to enjoy, specifically which are located next to Qualicum Beach. It also adds into the natural setting with the Englishman River and French Creek for a water filled location.

The Spanish originally settled Parksville in 1791, naming the community the river of herons. The vast beaches as well as the location of fresh water made it a prime area for resources and opportunities to develop a community. Later, other European settlers established a stronger community in the area, bridging it into other cities that were developing for trade and commerce. Today, this has opened the community into a development of service centers and businesses that have branched through the community and throughout Canada.

While the original intentions of settlement were for resources and community development, Parksville is today known best for it's beaches. It is a strong tourist spot for those in the greater Vancouver area because of the pristine areas. The festivals during the summer have sandcastle contests and other forms of entertainment, creating a draw to the community for celebrations in the sun.

If you are interested in the ocean merging with fresh water in a pristine community, then Parksville is an establishment known for it's services and natural opportunities. The festivals and the pockets of tourism that fill the sandy beaches make this a prime location for those in Canada.
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