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By the Cove of Bowen Island. There are magical places in Canada where one can enjoy the natural life while connecting to historical communities. Bowen Island is one of the cities that has developed with nature in mind. As one of the islands of British Columbia, this area offers unique lifestyle opportunities. Many that are in the smaller town are able to embrace the nature of the ocean and waterfronts while connecting through water services to Vancouver.

The Squamish tribes used Bowen Island as a main area for leisure, meeting points and hunting. Today, hunting for deer is still popular among those in the area. It was often referred to as the Cove or Fast Drumming Ground, specifically because of the sound of the ocean hitting the shores. It wasn't until the 1900s that settlements began to establish in the area, creating a small community because of the natural settings.

While Bowen Island remains small in size, a large number of visitors from Vancouver come to the ocean island to enjoy the summers with vacation homes. Many of those that remain on the island commute daily to Vancouver on the water taxis that serve the area. There is also an extension of the community with educational spaces as well as a variety of artistic and cultural establishments in the area. The government and private sector have also established a variety of commerce stores in retail and food for the development of the community.

The area of Bowen Island is one that many refer to for relaxation, leisure and the natural embrace of the ocean. The area, while small, also offers opportunities within the community through the newer developments. The island in British Columbia continues to build it's reputation from the luxuries of nature that surround the area.
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