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Developments and Growth of Richmond. Richmond, British Columbia, is known first because of the metropolitan feel and location next to Vancouver. The deeper history and culture of the area have allowed the area to grow into a newer opportunities within the region. Through the approaches used in the region, it is now recognized as an international center that is continuing to develop and grow.

Richmond is first recognized by the unique geographical location. While remaining a metro close to Vancouver, it also is surrounded by natural landmarks. The location is on Lulu Island, creating a distinct feel to the area. It is also known because of Fraser River to the Straight of Georgia that surround the city, being one of the only cities to remain in a river delta. This unique area creates deep historical developments, including First Nations using it as a resting point to collect berries and resources while others settled and later established the area as an agricultural opportunity.

The natural settings of Richmond are combined with the community lifestyle that offers a different experience to residents. The area is known as having an immigration rate of 60 percent, with almost half of the migrants coming from Asia. This occurred in the late 1990s because of opportunities for commerce in the area and has led to growth in the city for culture. The city saw an increase in growth with technology companies, service sectors, tourism and government based on the influx. The region recently has become a highlight being a host to the 2010 Winter Olympics. The growth has created advanced leaps with transportation, technology and community opportunities.

The flow of commerce, immigration and a luxurious lifestyle has allowed Richmond to become a point of development. The government is continuing to provide opportunities and growth to the community based on the flow coming into the community for opportunities. From the natural to the community richness of the area, Richmond offers both historical and new expansion to residents.
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