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Tapping Into the History of Ancaster. The discovery of history can easily take place when residing in the area of Ancaster, Ontario. This area is known for both natural landscapes and the historical development that has developed through many years. The buildings and establishments currently associated with the area, as well as the connections to a thriving community, continue to allow this area to remain prosperous for citizens.

Ancaster was first formed in 1793 as a main space for settlers. It is one of only a few places in Ontario that still has many of the original homes and buildings in tact, restoring them as museums of discovery for those in the area. While it is mostly known today for historical sites, Ancaster was once a thriving community, specifically because of the hydroelectronic establishment that offered electricity and innovations to northern Canada. The commerce and railway systems developed from this, lasting until the changes in electricity to different systems.

The area of Ancaster is also known for the developments that have arisen from nature. It is located by the Niagara Escarpment, a recognized space by UNESCO because of it's unique formations. Many are also known to connect to the diverse wildlife as well as the parks and hikes that are throughout the area, making the space one of leisure. Other areas through the city are still defined by older architecture and the activities that have taken place through time, all which remain a central stopping point of interest.

Ancaster is one of the areas renowned for the historical developments and the natural settings. Today's government, education and commerce continue to stabilize the area. The interest in the space is combined with the historical preservation that moves throughout the town and through different eras, as well as the natural interests that are in the town.

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