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The Rural District of West Kelowna. Towns and districts throughout Canada continue to blossom throughout the country, offering more opportunity. West Kelowna is an example of a community that has progressed into recognition. This rural area was established as a town in 2007, providing promise and development into the future of British Columbia. Located in Okanagan Valley, it has established a new way of living for many in the region.

The area of West Kelowna comprises of many smaller communities and districts that have recently been tied together to form the region. The many communities that have now connected together developed the reputation of the area as the "Westbank," specifically because of those in the region that were forming the united community before the official intertwining of areas. The growth of the area, especially in the last ten years, has occurred because of economic development, retail stores and residential desires to move into the area.

The area of West Kelowna is known for a variety of reasons. Nature lovers often find their way to this Canadian territory, specifically because of the thousands of acres of natural reserves and lakes that are surrounding the area. The development of the area are also known because of the division into estates and high - end living that merges with the natural setting, making it a luxurious area to live in. This is combined with the economic development that has allowed the area to gain a foundation in Canada's recognized districts.

From rural outskirts to a well - developed community, West Kelowna has created a strong reputation in British Columbia. The area has merged from several smaller communities, creating a boom in the economics and a district that is remaining submerged in nature.
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