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Canada's Playground of Summerland. Certain settings and developments in Canada invite a playground for residents. Summerland, located in British Columbia, is one that has gained a reputation for natural enjoyment. Often called the playground of Canada, those surrounding Vancouver to Edmonton use the area as a summer escape. This is specifically linked to the natural surroundings and the leisurely activities of the region.

Summerland is a part of Okanagan Valley, which has led to the renowned popularity of the area. It is known for the beach location as well as Okanagan Lake and other smaller rivers, such as Trout River, that create the natural escape through the town. The natural reserves also encompass Giants Head, a unique landscape of from a volcanic area and mountains that offer greenery and natural reserves in the area. Hikes, water sports and other activities fill the region at various seasons, specifically because of the known areas for enjoyment.

While today's tourism and natural activities are associated with Summerland, the development came from a richer history of commerce. The area was first settled as an agricultural region because of the natural support for growth. It then developed into an industrial trade area, while supporting both the agriculture and the trade of the area. Bottleneck drive, a space filled with wineries continue to stimulate the economy with the trade and agriculture, making these foundations a continuing staple of the community.

The playground of enjoyment for many Canadian's is noticed in Summerland. This space was originally developed as an agricultural center because of the richness of soil and surrounding areas. Today, the natural setting embraces tourists and residents interested in the leisure and activities of nature. This has created a specific reputation as well as activities that drive the community forward.
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