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Over the Sea in Shediac. Located in New Brunswick, Shediac has held a reputation for the natural connections to the ocean. The tribes that first located this area used it as a place for camping while migrating into different areas. They referred to the area as the place that moves far in, specifically because of the unique feature of the ocean's tide moving into the shores. The ocean connection creates the main character of the town, developing activities and leisurely enjoyment for those in the region.

Shediac's ocean culture surrounds the town, offering more to those in the region. It is known as the lobster capital of the world. The movement of the ocean allows many of the lobsters to move inland as a central pallet taster. Each July, the town holds a festival for lobsters, highlighting the fishing available. This is further highlighted by a centrally located, 90 foot lobster sculpture to bring more interest in the lobster fishing by the ocean.

While the ocean and fishing characterize the majority of activities in the area, many also enjoy the leisurely life of being surrounded by the ocean. For over a century, places like the Shediac Bay Yacht Club have held community events and gained interest, leading to a recognized historical space because of the length of time for it's existence. Other ocean going opportunities have continued to offer community connections and events for those in the region.

The area of Shediac is one characterized by the activities and enjoyment of the ocean. The area continues to gain recognition from the events of the area, highlighted by the natural surroundings. This is combined with the leisurely community that allows many to enjoy the space in New Brunswick.
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