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Incorporating Opportunities in Dieppe. In New Brunswick, Dieppe has begun to establish new opportunities through it's incorporation. The initial setting of the community was created in 1952. Rapid growth of the area led to a change in status to a city by 2003. The diversity of individual's that contribute to the community, combining French and English, creates a unique mix that allows the community to prosper in many ways.

Dieppe is surrounded by Petitcodiac River, creating a link to natural settings and to other communities that are connected to the waterfront. Most living in the space before it was incorporated into Dieppe as a city were interested in the natural resources surrounding the area, including forestry and fishing. This created a link to surrounding cities for resources and abundant opportunities.

The city of Dieppe is designed with a variety of sections and sub - sections. The French Quarter is one of the main areas that offers residential establishments that hold culture. The other main section is the Dieppe Boulevard Sector. This offers commercial and business opportunities, connections to golfing and a central airport. This area is continuing to bring economic alternatives to the community. Fox Creek comprises the third section of town, including a direct link to natural settings and retail businesses to continue with the diversity of the growing area.

While Dieppe is recognized as a newer town, the establishments and development is now allowing the area to grow exponentially. The opportunities include business and commerce options as well as connections to the stronger French culture. The lifestyle that incorporates nature with the city allow one to enjoy the many benefits of living in New Brunswick.
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