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Regarded as the largest city within the northern section of New Brunswick, Canada, Miramichi offers a beautiful mix of city amenities and breathtaking scenery this part of the country is known for. Nestled in Miramichi Bay, beautiful waterfront homes decorate the shoreline while its culture-rich attractions adorn the inland roadways.

Experience the Tranquility of Northern Canada at Miramichi. While its importance in migration and industrial advancement dates back centuries, the formation of Miramichi as a city is relatively new. Founded in 1995 after local communities joined forces, Miramichi has come a long way in terms of attracting visitors and those seeking a calmer way of life.

Known for its salmon-rich riverways, Miramichi is the secret destination for those seeking undiluted culture and beauty. Keep in mind, with a population just under 20,000, you're not going to find major retailers and a laundry list of high-profile attractions. Rather, what you'll find is a genuine small-town attitude and a relaxed way of life that's quickly being eroded by the bustling of major metropolitan areas.

Explore all Miramichi has to offer by taking a chartered boat to Beaubears Island, where visitors learn about the rich history of this place, which dates back over 3,000 years. Visit during the summer months when Miramichi bursts to life with numerous festivals or enjoy fresh seafood at one fo the many waterfront restaurants found along the boardwalk at Ritchie Wharf Park.

In the mood for an outdoor adventure? Visit the French Fort Cove Nature Park for endless hiking, bike and scenic trails. For those feeling brave, visit the park around sunset to hear locals tell the haunted stories of the Headless Nun.

Although this relatively small community may not seem to be an economic powerhouse, its local economy has pushed through recent recessions to preserve jobs and real estate property value. Whether you're looking for a new place to call home or a truly relaxing vacation, Miramichi has something just for you.
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