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Sliding Into Natural Enjoyment with Revelstoke. Various areas of Canada are known for recreation and commerce that many can enjoy. The natural habitats and settings allow one to plough into a different experience while living out the hobbies they love. Revelstoke is one of the areas that is structured today for both recreation and commerce. The origins as a mining town, with the setting of Mount Revelstoke National Park and the Columbia River have been a continuous landmark for residents and visitors.

The drive of Revelstoke today is with Mount Revelstoke National Park. Skiing areas and open recreational spaces in the mountain allow many visitors and residents to enjoy the seasonal outdoor activities. The establishment of Revelstoke carried this same recognition, specifically with mining and the establishment of a railway being the main consideration. Since the initial establishment, resorts, terrains and outdoor activities and sports have marked the area for development.

While international sports, skiing and the resort areas make the most of Revelstoke, a small community thrives in the area as well. The smaller town is home to the railways and establishment of the town. While most areas are smaller vicinities that cater to the resorts, there are also notable films and artistic endeavors that have tapped into the area. The development of this supports the natural habitat that highlights the area.

The recreation and commerce of Revelstoke offer opportunities and enjoyment for residents and tourists. The strong demand of skiing through the National Park, as well as the rivers and dams that surround the area have created a landscape filled with seasonal beauty and enjoyment to residents.
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