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Living In the Rockies of Golden. A lifestyle that shines for many in Canada comes from the city of Golden, located in British Columbia. The town, while smaller, is centrally located from the surrounding cities of Vancouver and Calgary, making it the perfect getaway from the city and into the natural reserves. The rich history of the area and the thriving natural settings that today have built the reputation of the space make it the perfect area to live an enjoyed and relaxed lifestyle.

Golden was first built as a mining and logging town. Those that came to the region were able to thrive with several businesses from the Canadian Rocky Mountains that surround the area. The commerce and trade of logging and mining continue to accent the area today. However, the interest in the natural backdrop and the shifts in the communities have also altered the main highlight as the skiing, hiking and connections to nature from tourism.

The natural highlights of Golden begin with the Kicking Horse Natural Resort, a park area that includes hikes, forest and connections to the Rocky Mountains. The town is located in the center of the Rocky Mountain Trench, adding into the beauty of the area. From this trench, many natural parks and historical locations are available for trekking. There are also a variety of lakes and rivers that come from a combined geography of three mountain ranges. This creates the main appeal of the area, allowing tourists and residents to dive into the depths of nature.

Those who are interested in the embrace of mountain regions can further their lifestyle enjoyment in the town of Golden. The main attractions of nature that surround the area make this space one that is continuously recognized for it's beauty and natural resources. The development and settings of the space allow Canadian tourists and residents to continue to enjoy the mountainous lifestyle.
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