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Lifestyle Getaways in Vernon, British Columbia. Charm and charisma in many Canadian cities have developed a strong desire by citizens to remain in the area. Vernon, British Columbia, is one of the areas that has gained a reputation of desire because of the activities and opportunity. The area was first known as the place where the creek narrows by Native American tribes that had settled in the space. In the 1800s, it was settled and in 1891 was given the name Vernon by Forbes investor, George Vernon. Today, it is known for the many activities and welcoming opportunities to residents.

Vernon is known as one of the top places to retire in Canada. The quaint atmosphere and simplistic set - up is combined with cultural and community activities that embrace those interested in the area. While it offers a welcoming style and atmosphere, there are still many educational and cultural activities that continue to drive the scenes in town. This is combined with continuing commerce that stimulates the activity of Canada into new opportunity.

The area of Vernon, while recognized for the community activities and approaches, is combined with natural settings that are a large draw to Canadian residents. The lakes that surround the area and go through the center of town have developed into lakes and natural parks that many enjoy. It also has many beaches that individuals can enjoy in the summer months. During cooler seasons, everything from hockey to skiing fill the activities of the area. Residents and tourists have coined the area as a popular stop because of the natural invitations surrounding the space.

If you want a permanent getaway for retirement or to enjoy a natural welcome, then Vernon offers a different settlement space. The building of this city from the Native Americans to George Vernon has created a special charisma often unmatched in Canadian cities. The charm this city holds has allowed it to develop into a top spot for the comfort of home.
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