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Moving Where the River Narrows in Quebec. Quebec, one of the oldest cities in North America, gained it's name from the Native American translation, meaning where the river narrows. The Saint Lawrence River marks the city first, allowing citizens to trace back the historical and cultural aspects of the town. While Quebec continues to thrive today from it's rich origins, the historical significance of the area also develops a strong tie to those in Canada.

Quebec was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years and settled by Samuel de Champlain in 1608, after being inhabited by the French from the early 1500s. Many that referred to Canada pointed specifically to the development of Quebec because of the first markings in this area. The early settlement of the area quickly established historical sites and older architecture that is still looked at today. This includes the UNESCO historical site of the historical district of Old Quebec. The marks of history and culture that thrive in the area today leave many spectacles and cultural discoveries that continue to reside in the city.

The development over years from Quebec has also allowed the area to move into neighborhoods and establishments in various areas. It is currently divided by five boroughs, including the historical neighborhood at the central area. These are divided by the location of the river as well as bridges that unite the different sections of the area. They are also divided by commerce areas as well as the central government, which creates the most landmarks in the region. The supporting arts link directly back to the historical significance of this city.

Moving back to the lineage of Canada and North America develops in Quebec. The historical significance and the movement into the areas from this time have established a strong connection to both past and modern times. The progressions from this time allow one to enjoy the richness of history and culture in one region.
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