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The Charm of Orleans, Ontario. In the eastern part of Ontario, Canada is a town recognized for it's charm and development. Orleans, located by the Ottawa River, has developed over decades of innovations and connections to various sections of the community. The approaches to business, nature and culture have allowed the area to move from a basic outpost into a thriving community that invites in opportunities to the region.

Orleans was first established as a postal outlet, leading to farmers and traders that occupied the region. The outskirts of the area didn't develop until 1922 when it became a police state, remaining a rural state with police connections until 1974. At this time, the community began to see potential to change the atmosphere of the area, developing it into the name of Orleans and incorporating the surrounding communities into one town with various subdivisions. Today, there are over twenty neighborhoods that are highlighted by parks, recreation centers, business outlets and innovative sectors of the area.

The charm of Orleans not only comes from the founding decision to unite several communities into an expansive city. The area is located next to Petrie Island, which consists of several smaller islands that intertwine to the area. The river area highlights lagoons, turtle watching and recreational activities between the islands, making it a magical area for leisurely activities. The sections of nature and the growth of government and educational programs has also led to real estate development with larger estates and higher income brackets that are in the region.

The space of Orleans is one known for it's charm. The community connecting together from the neighborhoods as well as the establishment that developed from a scattered history has allowed the area to have a stronghold in the areas of Ontario. Through the various sections of the region, one is able to enjoy the richness of history, nature, commerce and community culture.
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