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Hidden away along the southern border of Quebec, Sherbrooke is home to over 200,000 residents, this city has a rich history in the development of Quebec. Known as the political, cultural and primary economic center of Estrie, Sherbrooke perfectly blends old-world architecture and culture with modern technology and progress. If you're seeking a city offering a little bit of everything, then you must plan a visit to Sherbrooke.

Explore The Depths of Nature in Sherbrooke. Are you constantly seeking out new adventures and fresh ways to enjoy nature with all its mysteries? If so, then a visit to Sherbrooke is in order. Explore deep mine shafts at Capelton Mines or get hands-on experiences with indigenous animals at the Little Swamp Monsters, which showcases hundreds of creatures found along the bogs that border Magog River. Regardless of your outdoor adventure tastes, Sherbrooke has an adventure just right for you.

Two Centuries of History, One Amazing City. Inhabited by indigenous people for nearly 8,000 years, this area of Canada is rich in history. Although its influence spans millennia, Sherbrooke didn't come into existence as we know it until 1608. Since then, Sherbrooke has been home to European settlers and various expeditions. Explore local culture and history by visiting the many museums and historic buildings. If architecture is your cup of tea, then be prepared to have your thirst quenched. With ancient cathedrals and French-inspired buildings lining the streets, you'll need an extra memory card to hold all the visual masterpieces Sherbrooke has to offer.

Stability and Progress - Two Primary Elements of Sherbrooke. Known as the economic hub of the region, Sherbrooke offers job stability and growth greater than many other regions. If you're seeking a lifestyle change, then it may interest you that the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation predicts the housing industry and job market to steadily grow throughout 2014 and 2015. Unlike other cities in the region, Sherbrooke offers its residents something unique; a perfect blend of history and modern design to quench the desires of almost any traveler and home-seeker.

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