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Edmonton, Alberta - The Provincial Capital. Alberta's provincial capital is Edmonton. Edmonton lies in the northern part of Alberta. It's the darling of visitors for its blend of quaint history and modern metropolitan look. Where Calgary is known for its huge oil complex, Edmonton is known as a center for education and governance. Residents of Edmonton are proud of their beautiful city. Homes here are diverse. Some residences have the feeling of history while others are clearly the epitome of modernity.

Edmonton, Alberta - A Peaceful Place to Live. Edmonton maintains an urban appeal without all of the overcrowding and traffic congestion of other cities. Like most Canadian cities, Edmonton has a well-organized arrangement of residences, business communities, malls, sports and entertainment facilities. Of course, most people recognize Edmonton as the home of the world famous Edmonton Oilers hockey team. In Alberta, as in other provinces, hockey is Canada's signature sport. When the Oilers play home games, avid Edmonton fans are ready to support their team with gusto.

Edmonton, a Beautiful City . Edmonton celebrates spring a little later than regions south of this province. When spring arrives, all of the colors of the rainbow appear. There's something quite romantic about Edmonton in spring and summer. Perhaps, it's the city's charming festivals or the opportunities to enjoy the pristine fresh Edmonton outdoor air. In winter, Edmonton is like a fantasy world. Edmontonians brave the cold like the hardy winter sports they are. Winter never keeps Edmonton residents indoors. Winter means a blanket of snow and a treasure trove of winter activities. Residents of Edmonton have a wealth of shopping malls from which to choose. Visitors shouldn't miss the museums, libraries and cultural centers that abound here. Edmonton is a great place to raise a family and homes and properties here are highly affordable.

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Properties for rent in Edmonton