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In the Ecosystem of Yorkton. Yorkton, located in south - east Saskatchewan, is not only known by the city limits and offers to the community. It is also recognized because of the unique aspen forest ecosystem that surrounds the region. The rivers, lakes, soil formations, forest and mountains all collide in this particular area for a landscape of beauty and opportunity. Today, accents of a thriving community merge with the outlooks of nature for unique living in the area.

Yorkton remained as a natural territory until the mid - 1800s. It was created as an investment from a group of business men. The approach was to unify the farmers that were in the region and to open the land surrounding the area, not only for agriculture, but also for trade along the borders of Saskatchewan. Today, one can still see the investments from the many city buildings along Yorkton, proving a successful venture for the agricultural landscape and connections to trade in the community.

While nature is the main focus that allows Yorkton to thrive, there are also developments of the city that offer more for citizens. A central entertainment center for live performances is connected to the community, as well as a main sports arena for leisurely and recreational activities. Education, health care and military outposts have been in the region for at least a century as well, creating a link to the historical foundation of the area with the future of the community.

The investment of a landscape and ecosystem formed the foundation of Yorkton. Today, the area thrives with both the vast ecosystem as well as the community culture in the region. The unification of community events to agricultural decisions have allowed the region to continue to thrive from culture to natural growth.
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