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Growing Changes of Canada Through Windsor. Many of the establishments and areas in Canada have moved through various historical changes and growth. One area known for change is Windsor, an area located beneath the tip of Detroit, Michigan and separating the United States from Canada through the Detroit River. The area has moved through various identities, ranging from the "city of roses" to the "little coast," based on the significant location and activities that formed the town. Today, this area offers shifting opportunities for residents in the region.

The area of Windsor was first settled by the French in the 1800s. However, it was a point of division for the French and English during the separations and wars through this century. It became a dividing point between nations to create the unique identity that it holds today. With the division of the river, Windsor has established a unique Canadian identity in commerce and culture with a specialization in manufacturing and education. The area has a separate area in the north and south of the city, specifically with an approach toward innovative commerce opportunities and trade.

The characteristics of Windsor are further characterised with surrounding nature. The region has over 3,000 acres of forestry and wildlife surrounding the region. Parks, trails and natural area are intertwined through the city as well, developing unique natural habitats within the city. This, as well as the agricultural establishments that are the bedrock of the community not only offer better standards of living. Tourism to the parks as well as artistic endeavors based on visitors create prosperous and entertaining opportunities in the region.

The dividing lines in Canada, as well as the continuous changes, are highlighted through the city of Windsor. The growing area, surrounded by natural reserves, is filled with opportunities based on the landscape and the establishment. Today, the area works as a strategic location for Canada, while offering natural and commercial growth in the area.
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