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Whitehorse-Yukon - Star of the Yukon Territory. There are many reasons people choose to call Whitehorse their home. It's the largest city in the Yukon Territory which has boundaries on the Beaufort Sea to the north, Northwest Territories to the east, British Columbia to the south and Alaska to the west. The Yukon Territory is blessed with the powerful Yukon River and the northwesterly Porcupine River. Winters in Whitehorse, like many cities in the northernmost regions of Canada can be bitterly cold. Weather has never deterred the influx of new residents to Whitehorse. In fact, with cities and towns all over North America becoming more congested, individuals who highly prize the "simple life" almost always look to cities like White Horse in the Yukon Territory for balance between daily living and a more tranquil life style.

Whitehorse - How History Has Changed It. Whitehorse is located near the border of Alaska and has been part of the historical Yukon Gold Rush Era. Today, Whitehorse is linked with the extensive oil and gas exploration and the construction of resource-development roads. For the people of Whitehouse, this means ample opportunities for jobs and to call Whitehorse "home." History changed the needs of residents of Whitehorse. For example, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation operates broadcasting stations in Whitehorse and residents receive broadcasts from as far east as Montreal thanks to CBC programming. The population of Whitehouse today stands at nearly 150,000. Whitehorse today has a modern chain of airports and landing fields known as the Northwest Staging Route. This provides important additional development in the provincial territory, as well as the city of Whitehorse.

The Whitehorse Advantage. Homes and land for sale in Whitehorse are affordable and offer numerous amenities, such as schools, religious, native and private, the Whitehorse Hospital and shopping centers are all conveniently located.
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