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Weyburn, in the Saskatchewan province, is located forty-three miles from the US border. It's one of the most important railroad sites in Saskatchewan province. In many ways, Weyburn is reminiscent of the wide open spaces seen in most prairie areas. Weyburn is different in one respect. It has a popular of more than 10,000 residents and is located on the Souris River. The view of the river creates a landscape that is inviting and a hub for Saskatchewan's grain industry. Visitors to Weyburn are enchanted by the sight of grain elevators and the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR) that transport half a million tons of Weyburn grain to markets.

Weyburn, the City of Opportunity. Weyburn's business community adds just the right balance between agriculture and commercial enterprise. For new businesses looking to locate in Weyburn, properties and business sites are available in abundance. Homes and residential properties have increased in number as a result of tourism in recent years. Saskatchewan has become a top tourist spot among North American travelers. Tourists find cities like Weyburn, Regina and Saskatoon the best way to learn about the centrally located province of Saskatchewan.

The Weyburn Welcome. In Weyburn, new residents blend in quickly. The Weyburn Welcome is famous for making new businesses and residents feel right at home. It's a place where there's a relaxed atmosphere and many fun filled events. In Weyburn, people feel as if they've lived in Saskatchewan their entire lives. There's comfort in knowing that this is an economically self-sustaining community with vast potential as a business and industry hub.

Weyburn Housing and Properties. With the advantage of wide open spaces, Weyburn is enjoying the growth in housing that includes new and existing single family, modular homes and condos. Locate a real estate agent for details and assistance.
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