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Thunder Bay-Ontario, the Place to Live, Work and Play. No seasoned traveler ever admits they haven't been to Thunder Bay, Ontario. For tourists, no travel is complete without enjoying all that Thunder Bay has to offer. The extensive menu of things to do in this city is the main reason for its business and residential growth and development. If ever there is a contest for the most colorful Canadian city, Thunder Bay wins hands down. It's as historic as Ottawa, as urban as Toronto and as energetic as Calgary. It's no surprise Thunder Bay is also a chosen city to start a business or plunk down roots for couples and young families. It shouldn't be a surprise that Thunder Bay is equally friendly to the older generation. This is a place where the active life is emphasized.

Thunder Bay on Lake Superior. Thunder Bay is located on Lake Superior in the northwestern region of Ontario. It has a population of slightly more than 100,000. The demographics in Thunder Bay are equally divided between children, young adults and seniors. The city caters to all residents by providing fire, emergency, medical and senior accommodations conveniently. Housing in Thunder Bay is abundant. Typically, the types of housing range from condos, single family home to rentals. There are a number of real estate agencies who can assist with finding the perfect new home to own, rent or lease. Thunder Bay has it all. There's the gorgeous falls, Lake Superior, a growing business district and a neatly arranged residential area with parks, schools and recreational facilities.

The Heart of Thunder Bay - The City of Many Wonders. In addition to its natural, picturesque beauty, there's plenty of entertainment, sports and those lovely little shops that few can resist. In Thunder Bay, there is that wonderful Canadian sense of whimsy to be seen everywhere.
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Average price per  sq.feet  $9,245
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Average price per  sq.feet  $2.25
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