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Sylvan Lake - Alberta's Famous Resort Town. Since the early part of the 1900s, Sylvan Lake has been Alberta's resort town of choice. It is located in Red Deer County and boasts a proximity to the nine mile long freshwater lake for which the town is named. Many Canadian adults fondly recall summering at Sylvan Lake and cavorting, as children do, in the clean, pure lake waters. Lovers of all things lakeside purchased home there since the 1890s with a mix of French, Finnish and Estonian immigrants who began to farm the land. As with many other Canadian towns and villages, the railroad became a focal point for agricultural products to be transported to markets. Sylvan Lake numbers among Canadian cities and towns that were once home to grain elevators. Many still exist in Alberta in the more rural areas of the province.

Sylvan Lake - A Resort Attraction . As more and more Albertans discovered Sylvan Lake's glorious attraction as a respite from business and daily living, the city became a regular tourist resort attraction. With this came a greater interest in water sports like skiing, boating, swimming and annual competitive regattas on the Lake. Sylvan Lake is more than just a resort attraction. It is home to a population of slightly more than 14,000 year round residents. Prudently capitalizing on its most treasured feature, Sylvan Lake, the town is also one of Alberta's largest and is seeking "city" status from the provincial government. The population of Sylvan Lake is growing and with it the need for more housing and local government services. It is one of the most desirable towns in Alberta in which to reside. It attracts families who love its natural features and relatively temperature climate. The most desired features of Sylvan Lake are its natural environment and picturesque surroundings.
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