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Enjoying the End of the Line in Sudbury. In 1883, a transcontinental railway through Canada and North America was vigorously being completed. To mark the end of completion and to create a final stop, Sudbury was formed. This allowed the railway to reach the end of the line and to establish a commercial area for enjoyment. The marks of this particular area continue to offer enjoyment of nature and commerce for those that want to make the most of Canada.

Sudbury is formed with over 300 lakes, valleys, waterfalls and black hills. The area allows one to embrace both summer and winter activities. The change in temperature to longer winters, filled with the enjoyment of snow, allow one to tap into the winter sports while making the most of nature. The area not only offers activities for nature lovers, but has also been used for mining, lumber and resource based industrial sections, making it an area of trade and wealth.

The establishment of the end of the railway, movements into lumber and mining trades and other industrial options have created the strongest influence for the development of Sudbury. Today, this has expanded into the new trades of technology and service sectors to offer support to the economy. To help with the domination in these fields, science and university sectors have created a stronger set of opportunities for the town. This is supported with the artistic and cultural experiences brought into the community.

The establishment of railways in the community of Canada also developed cities that have prospered from the original transportation. The founding of Sudbury as a central area has combined with trade, commerce, mining and higher institutions. These options combine for a balanced economy and residential area of natural enjoyment.
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