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Enjoying the Greenery of Saint Catherine's. Nicknamed "garden city" because of parks, lakes and greenery surrounding the city, Saint Catherine's continues to thrive as a metropolitan area in Ontario. The area is known because of the surroundings, specifically with the location next to Niagara River. It is also a central area from Lake Ontario and the Welland Canal, creating richness to the soil and natural surroundings that has created the well - known name of the region.

While the natural setting is what thrives most at Saint Catherine's, other opportunities are also associated with the region. The space is known for commerce and trade with the location being next to Toronto and the U.S. border. From the early 1900s it has established the reputation of industry and liberality with commerce opportunities. Automobiles, manufacturing and telecommunications are some of the dominant areas that allow the economy to continue to expand.

The leisurely balance in the city also provides enjoyment by families and those in the region. Bird sanctuaries, gardens, parks and other central areas are located throughout the city. Downtown, historical regions are also associated with those that enjoy investigating the concepts through the city. There are also focuses on smaller communities, including a North, South, East, West and Central district that are interested in development of their sections of the city, specifically with improvements in nature, arts and sports.

A growing area of greenery and prosperity is Saint Catherine's. This city in Ontario offers a variety of riches, ranging from the diverse gardens and parks to the business trade that is offered to residents. The thriving communities are continuing to offer more into the area, specifically to assist with the growth of the space.
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