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Spruce Grove is located west of the provincial capital of Edmonton. It's one of the most welcoming cities in Alberta for individuals looking to relocate. Houses in Spruce Grove are abundant, diverse and maintain a small town image, even with a growing population of 30,000 people. There's no surprise why families, couples and individuals are attracted to Spruce Grove. Jobs are plentiful, the result of a highly developed industrial and commercial base. Spruce Grove is a fun place to enjoy the balance between work and relaxation.

The Most Comprehensive Road System. The most attractive feature of Spruce Grove is the interconnections between residential areas. Canadians pride themselves on strategic development of roadways many in the US envy.

In Canadian provinces, there's no guesswork involved in getting from Point A to Point B, as in many US cities and towns. In Spruce Grove, this means a reduction in traffic congestion and noise, a highly desired by homeowners here.

Accommodations Abound in Spruce Grove. In addition to a host of accommodations for tourists and travelers to Spruce Grove, housing is plentiful. This includes a full compliment of single family homes, townhouses, condos and apartments, as well as facilities for special care. Most of the real estate available in Spruce Grove is managed by the Realtors Association of Edmonton. Since Spruce Grove is such a welcoming community, schools, medical and emergency services and transportation are specifically convenient. There are also opportunities to relax in the upscale park system or enjoying cultural arts programs. Residents of Spruce Grove especially appreciate the local accent on good health and fitness through many social programs provided.

Spruce Grove - The Most Neighborly Town in Alberta. Spruce Grove has the wonderful welcoming feel of a close knit neighborhood. It's one of the most neighborly towns in Alberta.

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